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Judges, Attorneys, Probation and Parole Officers

If you want to create an ignition interlock based program, customize an existing program with your own requirements, or improve an existing program, Smart Start of Louisiana can help.


Whether you are a judge, a probation officer, or a director of a specialty program, Smart Start of Louisiana can enhance the quality and credibility of your program. With our experience and advanced technology, we can model our equipment to meet the demands of your specific program.

We understand that over the course of a program all parties involved want to successfully complete the program with as little hassle as possible, while maintaining full compliance. This is where Smart Start of Louisiana can help.

The day to day monitoring and maintenance of reports can be daunting so we streamline our reports making them convenient and easy to read. These reports can be delivered in the manner of your choosing, and you will always have the ability to always access caseload reports via the internet through a secure login.

We diligently work hand and hand with each client to ensure they fully understand and are complying with your specific program requirements. We also work closely with you, the authority, which helps our clients complete their program while being responsible and productive citizens.

Upon request, we will provide training to your staff, which includes a demonstration of our products, a review of report access, and a lesson in report interpretation. We want your information to be accurate, timely, and easy to understand. It is our mission to separate drinking from driving.

We have and continue to work directly with many of the most successful ignition interlock programs in the state. In doing so, we have established a program that allows for a positive relationship with you, the authority, and the customer. These relationships ultimately lead to greater program success and the client leaving a changed person.

If you would like to learn more about the technology available to you and your program, please visit our products page. If you would like any more information regarding our services or have any questions, please contact us at 1-866-447-8686.