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Our Process

Ready to have your ignition interlock installed? Give us a call at 1-866-447-8686.

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When you call 1-866-447-8686, or are contacted by one of our customer service representatives, you will be asked to supply some basic information about yourself.

  • Where do you live?
  • What type of vehicle will you be installing the ignition interlock in?
  • Who is requiring you to have the unit installed?
  • What day, time and convenient location would you like to book for your installation appointment?


During your scheduled appointment at the service center, the local customer service representative will walk you through the installation process. They will assist you with gathering all of the necessary information to fill out the paperwork required by the OMV or monitoring authority. You will also watch a short informational video about our ignition interlock. You can find that video here if you would like to get a head start. While you watch the video, one of our certified technicians will install the unit into your car. The unit does not interfere with any other normal operations of your vehicle; it only interacts with the starting of your vehicle. After the installation, the technician will then train you on how to interact with our device. When you leave our location you will have all of the necessary paperwork regarding your ignition interlock installation to give to the OMV and/or your monitoring authority. Please keep in mind the person that is required to install the ignition interlock must be present for the installation appointment. Once you have completed your program and the unit is removed, it is as if the unit was never there.

  1. A Photo ID: If you do not have an ID, just bring 2 pieces of mail showing proof of residency.
  2. Vehicle Registration: In the event you have just purchased the vehicle, or lost your registration all you need to bring in is proof of purchase or ownership. If you do not own the vehicle, the owner will be required to sign a waiver which will allow you to install the device into their vehicle.

    Waiver Form, Click Here
  3. The Vehicle: You will need to be sure your vehicle is in good working order. If you are unsure about your battery, starter or alternator, please have a mechanic test your system to be sure it is working properly. The ignition interlock is an electronic piece of equipment which is powered by your vehicle. If your battery, alternator, or starter/ignition system is not functioning properly, it will not allow the unit to function properly. We do not install our devices on any inoperable vehicles.

Monthly Service and Calibration:

Once a month you will be required to bring your vehicle in for service and calibration. At that time, you will make your next monthly payment, and the information that is on your device will be downloaded and automatically sent to your monitoring authority. At the same time your unit will be calibrated and inspected to make sure it stays within the operating parameters that NHTSA, state law, and your program requires. Please keep in mind the entire unit must be present for a service to be performed, therefore the installed vehicle must be present. If you are working or cannot make it in on your scheduled appointment date, no problem. Our unit allows a 5 day grace period past your scheduled appointment date to get your device in for service. In the event your grace period expires, your vehicle will go into a lockout and the vehicle will not start. Our unit has a remote code unlock feature, that still will require a successful breath test, and allow you to start the vehicle one time. At that point you will have to bring the vehicle directly into a service center.


Once you have fulfilled all of your requirements and are approaching your date for removal, you want to be sure you have a few things in order so we can remove your unit without any delay. If you are required by OMV to have an ignition interlock you will want to retain and provide the forms given to you when you went to OMV after installation, to apply for your ignition interlock license. If you are required by a judge or other monitoring authority, you will be issued an official removal notification with the monitoring authority’s official seal, or on that office's letterhead. If you are not issued a removal notice, and the judge ordered the interlock to be removed, you will need to obtain a copy of your court minutes and bring a copy of those stating the order to remove the unit to your local service center. Regardless of who ordered the ignition interlock, you will need to present a valid driver's license with no interlock restrictions. Once you bring us the paperwork and your license, we perform a simple verification, remove your device, and restore your vehicle back to normal operation.

You can expect exceptional customer service when you come into a Smart Start of Louisiana location. From the time you call to schedule your appointment until we remove your device, you can expect courteous and prompt service from all of our qualified technicians, and customer service representatives.