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Ignition Interlock SSI-20/30

The 20/30 is the most technically advanced ignition interlock product on the market. Our SSI-20/30 device is packed with features to deliver the best customer experience.

Product Features:

  • Color LED display with message system to keep the client informed about the state of their vehicle and device.
  • Smaller inconspicuous size. The device is approximately the same size of today’s most popular smart phone.
  • Ability to view vehicle voltage.
  • Ability to view next appointment date.
  • Ability to view remaining violations by category.
  • Readout of alcohol content in the event of a positive test.
  • Remote unlocking capabilities in the event of a service or violation lockout preventing the cost of towing the device to a service center.
  • Firmware upgradable to keep you in compliance with the latest national, state, and local laws.
  • Modular components provide easier installation and service than most devices on the market.
  • Fully programmable options, if your monitoring authority requires program specific functions.
  • Built-in microchip records all test results, engine starts and stops, disconnections, and tampering for later review.
  • Optional integration with Smart Start's patented Photo ID camera module makes identification of the user easy.
  • Optional intergration with Smart Start’s GPS cellular modem for real time reporting.

Personal Breath Test (PBT)

Our Personal Alcohol Breath Tester is a feature rich portable Alcohol Breath Tester that is convenient to use.

A Test Worth Taking.
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Product Features:

  • Only $125 – Tax Included, Shipping Charges May Apply
  • Battery powered – test your alcohol level anytime, anywhere
  • Alcohol specific fuel cell – delivers accuracy
  • Comes with 5 mouthpieces - Mouthpieces simply snap in and out - You can even test without the mouthpiece
  • Handy recharging function – on board battery can recharge USB devices like phones and MP3 players
  • Built in flashlight
  • Anyone can purchase and use – no special permission or license needed
  • Completely private – no records kept or transmitted

GPS Modem

The SSI-20/30 can also be combined with GPS Technology to give realtime reporting on specific violations.

  • Cellular Ignition Interlock - Real time data delivery of Ignition Interlock Information
  • Smart Alerts - Easy to read Email Alerts in Real Time with data delivery depending on cellular coverage (Includes Pictures if Camera is also Installed)
  • Daily Reports - Daily Reports of all client activity including pictures if camera is installed
  • Versatile - Can be used with or without the Camera
  • Emergency 911 Capabilities
  • Smart Web Reporting - All information becomes available on Smart Web 24/7
  • Convenient- If permitted by the monitoring authority, extended calibration intervals can be allowed

Positive ID Camera

The SSI-20/30 can be combined with the Photo ID camera module, which is mounted to the inside of the driver's side windshield, about halfway up from the dash. The device captures a picture of the driver at the time that a test is taken. The unit stores the picture electronically with a date and time stamp that corresponds with the event. The camera works well in very dark situations as well as bright light scenarios.

By using the Photo ID module, Smart Start is able to positively identify the user of the device and minimize tampering, since a picture is being recorded. The device has several tamper detection features to prevent the user from covering the camera with tape or disconnecting it. When tampering is detected, the unit will send a message to the interlock aborting the test, thus preventing the user from starting the vehicle. In addition, the camera unit can also present peace of mind to the person that might share their vehicle with others. In the event that another person causes a violation, the monitoring authority will be able to see who the person was taking the test.


The SMART START IN-HOM unit is an affordable alternative for the offender who does not have a car, yet still needs some form of alcohol monitoring. The IN-HOM alcohol monitor is a device equipped with a camera allowing for positive photo identification. This is an alcohol specific fuel cell based device with an affordable price point, considerably cheaper than other forms of in home alcohol monitoring, or continuous alcohol monitoring bracelets.

The device is portable and simple to use. The customer picks it up at a local service center, takes it home, plugs it into a wall outlet, and blows into the device when a test is requested. Test times are programmable and determined by the monitoring authorities; the IN-HOM can also accept a test any time the user desires to take one, or whenever a monitoring authority requires an extra test. The customer brings the device into the service center for data downloads, as determined by the monitoring authority.

Features of the IN-HOM:

  • Programmable testing times. The unit can require tests at specific times of the day or can accept a test any time the user or monitoring authority desires.
  • Simple to use. Just plug it in and blow when requested by the device.
  • A portable design allows testing at home, work, or while traveling. All you need is an electrical outlet; no phone line required.
  • Built-in microchip records all test results (including missed tests), disconnections, time and date of breath tests, and photos of the client.

IN-HOM® Cellular

The SMART START IN-HOM CELLULAR unit offers the same features as the SMART START IN-HOM device. The advantage of the cellular model is that it allows for daily reporting, and can automatically update test schedules over the air. This unit is designed for the person whose monitoring authority requires daily reports to confirm sobriety. This device is also portable and only requires the user to power it up, and maintain an adequate cellular connection.

In the event that a cellular connection cannot be obtained, the IN-HOM CELLULAR will continue to operate as an IN-HOM, so tests can still be taken according to the assigned schedule.